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Verizon Science Project is a collaboration between Verizon FiOS and Marvel to promote hi-speed internet that allows kids to become something like Tony Stark and are able to create Iron Man suit with the power of FiOS internet.

Charlex invited me to work on the UI design for all the screens across this cool spot. It was great experience to be part of wonderful team at Charlex once again. The final clip at YouTube received quite a buzz and recognitions all over the web.

Role : Design, Animation


Client: Verizon FiOS
Agency: McCann, New York, USA
VFX: The Embassy
Post / Graphics: Charlex

for Charlex
ECD: Ryan Dunn
EP, Telecommunications: Alex Jarman

Creative Director: Dade Orgeron
Designer: Aras Darmawan
VFX Supervisor: Steve Chiarello
CG Supervisor: Salar Saleh
Lead Compositor: Kyle Derleth
2D Animation: Chris West, Shuyi Wu, Aras Darmawan
3D Animation: Ken Music
Lighting Lead: James Fisher
Lighting TD: Will Atkin, Dennis Kozyrev
Modeling Lead: Hung Ma
Rigging Lead: Steve Mann
Rigger: Andre Stuppert

Final Styleframes

Styleframes Iteration 01

Styleframes Iteration 02

Final Spot (:30)

Final Spot (:60)
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